Finding the right luxury home at the right price.

Buying a new home is exciting. But it can also be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have the right team at your side. At Paradise Realty, we know Southwest Florida as well as anyone. This is our home, too, and we use our local insight to guide your purchase, secure the best pricing, and help you find the home of your dreams on the Gulf Coast. Every home search is uniquely personal, but here are some important considerations we’ll apply to help direct yours.

Finding your corner of the Gulf Coast

Where do you want to live? Some buyers have a specific community in mind and know exactly where they want to look for a home. Others are more fluid and are interested in exploring different communities in and around Naples. Your personal search begins by defining your home and lifestyle parameters. We’ll work with you to help you do that.

What type of home are you looking for?

Do you want a waterfront estate with dockage for your boat? Or would you prefer a hassle-free, high-rise penthouse on the beach? Maybe you’d like to live in a golf course community? Do you have kids which make schools a consideration, or are you empty nesters? We’ll sit with you to pin down the real estate possibilities that work best for you.

Determining your price point

Luxury real estate in and around Naples can run from a few million dollars to tens of millions of dollars, depending on the type of home and where you ultimately purchase. Determining your price range up front is key to making realistic choices when it comes to exploring home possibilities. Knowing what you are willing to spend will help us do a better job of guiding your process.

Are you willing to renovate?

Some buyers insist on a move-in ready home. Others are willing to invest in making a home their own through renovations. Our sister company, Lotus Construction, can assist with all manner of repairs and renovations – kitchens, baths, living areas, outdoor spaces – you name it. The question becomes are you ready to invest the time and money, as well as cope with the interruption to your life that inevitably occurs with a renovation project? If so, renovating is an outstanding way to create the home of your dreams.

Do you require financing?

Cash purchases often lead to added wiggle room in terms of price negotiation. However, if you need financing, we’re connected with some of the finest lenders in the area and can help you secure the best possible terms.

Making an offer and going to closing

Once we’ve found the right home together, it’s time to make an offer. We’ll guide you in making a reasonable one and, when accepted, we’ll continue to be your advocate throughout the closing process. This includes assisting you with home inspections, deposit arrangements, and any other contingencies agreed upon with the seller. We’ll be by your side every step of the way and do everything in our power to ensure your closing goes as seamlessly as possible.

At Paradise Realty, our sole purpose is to put you in
the home of your dreams.

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