Making sure the process works for your interests

What you need to know and what you need to do before going to market.

Listing a luxury home comes with a lot of individual nuances, and the more prepared you are in terms of expectations and goals, the better your experience is likely to be and the better we’ll be able to put our expertise to work for you. Here are some important considerations to guide you.

Why are you selling?

While no two luxury home sales are the same, the process always starts with a clear understanding of why you’re selling. Perhaps, your family is growing and you need more space, or maybe you’re changing workplaces and need to move markets quickly. It could be that you simply want to take advantage of home equity and market conditions and cash out your profits. The reasons you’re selling will impact how fast you need to make it happen and how much you should expect to ask. At Paradise Reality, we’ll help you craft an actionable plan around your individual reasons for selling.

An honest home valuation

While no two luxury home sales are the same, pricing your home right from the beginning is critical to getting prospective buyers and other real estate agents to pay attention. Ask too much and you’ll get passed by and end up stranded on the listings for months – never a good look. Ask too little and you’ll end up leaving money on the table when a smart buyer scoops up your home for less than it’s worth. An honest home valuation means finding that delicate balance between the reasons you want to sell and getting the most money at closing. We will help you do it.

Making your home sale ready

No matter how lovely your home is, it’s sure to be filled with your individual touches and even some of life’s clutter. But now, you must convince prospective buyers to picture your home as their home. This means tidying up the clutter, making small repairs, and creating a space that is exquisite but doesn’t feel too personally yours. Staging your home correctly goes a long way to selling it and we’ve been doing it for some of the most exclusive homes in and around Naples for decades.

Will a renovation increase your sale price?

Sometimes investing a little bit in the home you’re selling will more than pay for itself in the price you’re able to get from buyers. Maybe it’s updating a kitchen or a master bath. It could be reworking a pool deck or updating dockage on a waterfront home. At Paradise, we work with our sister company Lotus Construction to provide full construction services should they benefit your home sale. We’ll sit down with you to go over the numbers and decide if a renovation project will equate to added dollars for you at closing.

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Showcasing your home in the market

At Paradise Realty, we know that representing your home means a lot more than listing your home. We will use our local ties, marketing expertise, and online followings to drive qualified buyers to your property. From creating ads to social media posts to leveraging our relationships with local real estate agents and influencers, we will get interested buyers to your home.

Fielding offers and going to closing

This is the fun part but it’s also a tricky part, which is why you need expert guidance. We evaluate each offer, vet each prospective buyer, and guide you in counteroffers and contingencies, such as repairs or concessions at closing. Once you accept an offer, we’re still by your side reviewing contracts, working through home inspections, securing deposits, and making sure what you agreed upon is exactly what you get. Then, at closing, we’ll meet with the company handling the transfer of ownership alongside you to make sure no detail is overlooked, final terms are consistent with the contract, and the process goes a smoothly as possible

At Paradise Realty, we are with you every step of the way.